Cancer Caregivers Virtual Honor Wall

In honor of Dr. Harvey Klein, a long-time friend and admirer of Arizona Myeloma Network, and its founders Barbara and Jack Kavanagh. Harvey was the husband of my dearest childhood friend, Patti Ann, who was my roommate in Graduate School in Boston. She became a lawyer and I became a social worker. Harvey was the William S. Paley Professor of Clinical Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College/New-York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, where he practiced internal medicine for 50 years and was highly respected as a physician and teacher, by his patients and colleagues, He passed away in August 2020 from metastatic pancreatic cancer only a few months after his diagnosis, leaving his family and friends bereft. He is survived by his wife, two children, four grandchildren, two in-law children, and many friends. They believe that those are who have experienced the knowledge and support provided by the Arizona Myeloma Network, are very fortunate and are proud to support this wonderful charity.
We would like to honor Patricia England for the dedication and loving care she has always given us and the leadership she has shown us the past 12 years as we joined her war against multiple myeloma.

She has truly been the matriarch of our family.

She would like to honor her husband Keith and their sons Brian, Kevin, Mark, and Paul for the loving and generous support they have provided as caregivers in our family's journey with cancer.
The England Family
We appreciate all the invaluable research and available resources in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma, thank you AzMN.
Barb & Gary Crow
In honor of my grandad, Cy Dishon, who was taken this year after his long battle against cancer. Thank you for your efforts to provide support to both fighters and their families, as we work to fight against, and put an end to, cancer.
Taylor White
We honor our relative Patti Sandler who has recently lost her battle with cancer. She fought bravely for nine years and is at last at peace.
Beverley and Norman Lane
Matriarch, Godmother, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Friend are just some of the nouns that apply to my Aunt Diana. But it is the adjectives that paint the picture: Caring, Loving, Giving, Feisty, Funny, Faithful, Devoted, Inspiring, and many more. As a nurse, caregiver, cancer survivor, and then again a cancer patient, she never stopped caring for others.
Diana Lynn Sgrazzutti
In honor of Robin Wallace Koerber who lived with AML and to her husband Rick who was her loving caregiver and patient champion every step of the way.
Joan & Chris Walker
We would like to Honor our Mother, Mary Smith and the wonderful doctors who have helped her.
John Smith and Sarah Jones
I would like to Honor my Husband, Jack, for his courage and humor as he has battled cancer for 28 years. And, our ‘thanks’ to the wonderful doctors who have helped us!
Barbara Kavanagh, cancer caregiver
I am Honoring my wife, Ann, and my children for their love and support.
Joe Brown, cancer patient
We are Honoring Ann Thomas, our beloved sister and friend who lost her battle but will always be remembered. Dave Thomas and her friends and colleagues,
Dick Francis, Amy Jones, Patti Andrews, and Harry Thomas
We would like to honor my father, Kenneth Ewen, who lost his battle to cancer, but will always be remembered.
We would like to honor my mother, Nadene, who became dad’s caregiver and allowed him to travel this cancer journey with dignity and respect.
Kendra and Joe Sabol

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